Destiny 2 Clan

Status: Recruiting

We’re currently recruiting for full activity of the Fall 2020 expansion of Destiny 2. CC has recently restarted on D2 after a year hiatus on the game. We’re moving towards a much more relaxed approach to the game and if you’re looking to forge some friendships and complete content at an efficient but leisurely pace then we might be the right clan for you. Ultimately our philosophy is you get out what you put in. We reward consistent effort towards the clan, if there are any changes or improvements we’re very open to feedback and if you want to make something happen, it’s very likely you can.

Why Should I Join?

To list some accolades the clan has achieved in the past we have had over 300 applications within the first year, we have custom Discord bots, top 500 Crucible members and multiple week 1 Raid completions. We’re still dedicated to that consistently high performance but have decided to shift the focus to a more relaxed atmosphere. We also offer custom email addresses, free branded apparel to loyal members and much more! We’ve given out entire copies of the game, Bungie store gifts etc.

Is Crystal Covenant Right For Me?

CC is a collection of dedicated, passionate adults. And being in the 25+ age bracket comes with certain responsibilities that, at times, come before Destiny. Many of us have families, demanding jobs and other passions in life. As a result, while CC will always be a place for those who give life their all but also understand that life comes first. The community is a place to forge friendships you can carry out of the game.

Job giving you stress, kids not sleeping, money tight? We understand, we’ve all been there. There’s a no questions asked policy if you ever need to step out of an activity or put a hold on the game. However with this, comes a level of expectation. We need everyone to give it their all when they can, you get out what you put in. Organise events with the community, make suggestions, take the initiative and it will pay out.

So this means that by default, unless you put in a lion’s share of the work, no first 24 hour raid completions, no guaranteed trials carries etc. However what you do get is a dedicated group of people who you can play more than just Destiny 2 with. We play a multitude of other games and do a lot in real life too.


Membership and recruitment will be based on a measure of positive influence on the clan, no mandatory participation or activity, just contribute what you can and if we can see it’s genuine then you’re all good. We’ll outline some rules below but besides that, you’re all good. We’re mostly based in the EU so keep that in mind, you’ll want to be based around -8/+8 at maximum to play with the clan

  • Age 16+
  • Fluent in English
  • Steam Platform

These are simply to ease communication issues and ensure there are no issues. These are on a no exceptions based policy. CC is a space for all and while we strive to promote free speech, malicious intent is on a zero tolerance policy. You can apply below!

Apply Now!

We look forward to seeing you in game!

June 16, 2020