Crystal Covenant

About us

Crystal Covenant strives to push gaming forward as a method of communication and self expression. Understanding that the modern landscape of games is increasingly dependent on connectivity and cooperation, we have forged a community where the best aspects of our members define us.


Founded in 2012 by art and media enthusiasts, we’ve always been fascinated by the potential of games as an art form and as a result a way to connect and communicate with people all over the world. Understanding that completely unfiltered communities create chaos we’ve hand picked our core members and continue to uphold high standard through our application process.


With a diverse roster of community and staff members, encompassing competitive Counter Strike players from England and ex-Dota1 professionals in Indonesia. Indie art idealists discovering What Remains of Edith Finch and traveling tentatively through Tacoma, we welcome any and all applicants who pride themselves on a positive attitude and dedication to the medium.


Tim is responsible for creating and designing all assets for the website and social media platforms. Expanding and interacting with the community through Twitch, YouTube and podcasts. Thinking of new ways to further the presence of the community.

Kathie is responsible for the back-end management of the community. Checking all applications and accepting new community members. Editing content for various social media platforms. Maintaining the structure and overall goals of the community as a whole.


Crystal Covenant employs a diverse roster of staff members of different skill sets to maintain an active and supportive community. Spanning multiple nationalities, there’s always someone online to assist. Our moderators are hand picked, knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields of gaming. All bringing something unique to the table.


Our staff are responsible for ensuring the Discord and social media are all in check and accurate.


Art / Style Guide

Established in 2012